Named after Mother Teresa, who blessed her before she was born, Tess has always felt she was called for something more. Originally a California Girl, she now calls Nashville, Tennessee her home, as this is where she currently resides.

“I love growing with this city, everyday it’s an adventure!”

Tess knew she wanted to be an Entrepreneur since she was 7, as she started her first business selling hand made Pot Holders, door to door in her neighborhood.

“I wouldn’t let my mother take me home until my brown wicker basket was empty- and that I always accomplished, even if it was dark outside!”

The feeling of making her own money left an indelible mark on her mind and it never left her.


Tess graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelors in Psychology and Communications. Shortly after college she found herself in a corporate sales job and she loved the challenge and unlimited money potential. Although she was achieving Top Sales Agent of the month, she didn’t want to just do a job because the money was good, she wanted to do something that mattered, something that made a positive impact in people’s lives.


Tess went through a series of life altering experiences, the cherry on top consisting of a decision to elope with a man she thought would be the one to spend the rest of her life with. After that went south she soon found herself more lost than ever before, so she began to dig deeper on the inside than ever before. She became obsessed with Personal Development and began to travel around the United States to one seminar after the other, starving for answers and determined to find them. Tess devoted the next 3 years to working harder on herself than anything in her life. She lost friends as she was no longer “fun” because her weekends now consumed of attending seminars, reading books, and listening to new audios she could get her hands on.

“I would fall asleep listening to Tony Robbins……”


Tess attended a Tony Robbins seminar and her life was forever changed.

“People called me crazy for spending $1,000 but I knew I had to be there and didn’t mind eating protein bars for the next 4 days because a spark had been lit inside, as this is where I saw my vision for GGI!”


Tess is passionately paving the way by investing in our girls of the future by offering talks and workshops on various topics such as: Self-Esteem, Depression, Eating Disorders, Peer Pressure, Body Image, Confidence, and Bullying.

“I want to remind every girl that she is worthy of the best, that she has something special to offer to the world, and to never let anyone dim her light!”



  • Combined Bachelor’s Degree

  • Psychology & Communications

  • University of Memphis


  • Dani Johnson Business Training


  • Robbins-Madanes Training


  • Project 615 Charity Event | Nashville, TN | February 2017

  • Woman in the Mirror | Vanderbilt University | March 2017

  • Empowerment Inc Girl's Conference | Nashville, TN | June 2017

  • WE ARE GIRLS CONFERENCE | Austin, TX | November 2017

  • Living to Inspire | Cathedral of Incarnation | December 2017

  • Living to Inspire | Cathedral of Incarnation | January - April 2018

  • Nashville Business Association| Brentwood, TN | April - May 2018

  • Nashville Business Association| Hendersonville, TN | April - May 2018

  • Nashville Business Association| Nashville, TN | July- August 2018

  • 7 Steps To Sparkle Workshop | Louisville, Kentucky | January 2019