Isn’t it the most GLAMazing feeling when you have that friend that celebrates your wins because they truly believe in you!?🥳

They know how to make you smile and laugh no matter  what, adding that extra sparkle in your day.✨ 

Now in the opposite fashion, isn’t it the most infuriating feeling when no matter what you do or say to someone else, it's never enough?👿

You just can't seem to win them over, it’s as if they’re determined to not like you...🥺

Wanna know a secret that has cost some people MILLIONS before they’ve discovered it?

Here it is........
They never will like you...EVER.

Now that's only the first part, the second part is that they're not supposed to like you.


This kind of sounds mean right?🤔 

I first thought so too...Until I discovered the REAL secret...😏

And now you're about to find out too because I'm going to tell you....

Once you’ve learned to master this skill, before long you will look 🤩 forward to finding these peeps that don't like you and better yet, you'll be happy to place them in their pretty box with their pretty category name- because you’ll know WHY...🤗


✅Let’s First Find Out WHO Is In Your Life's People Pie.

Only WINNERS Know WHO is in each piece of their pie. 

1st Piece | Mean Mareeza- She is in the 25% of people you meet that will never like you.

2nd | Persuaded Penelope- She is in the 25% of people you meet who won't like you, but could be persuaded to like you. 

3rd | Sketch Ball Sandra- She is in the 25% of people you meet who will like you but could be persuaded not to. 

4th | Charley Cheerleader- She is in the 25% of people you meet that like you when they meet you, like you once you've become friends, and will CHEER for you for LIFE!

Now I'm going to give you the GLAM Skills on how to deal with the 75% that do NOT matter so you can focus on the 25% that  DO.😉

Handling Mean Mareeza

You don’t want to waste 1 minute of your time trying to convince a Mean Mareeza to like you because this robs you from 60 seconds of YOUR own happiness you can’t get back! 

Even if you bake her chocolate 🍪 🍪  with the extra, BIG chips, it’s just #NotHappening.

Doesn’t matter what you do, she will always find fault in it. Doesn’t matter what you say, she’ll say, “I like it better this other way.”

You can and will never “be good enough”  in her eyes.

The faster you can find out if she’s a Mean Mareeza, the faster you can win by walking away- because guess what, she’s like this to MANY girls- not just you.

The difference between you and these other girls is that YOU KNOW it’s not you, unlike those other poor girls.

The secret to #WINNING is not getting sucked into a Mean Mareeza situation or allowing her in your life.

How to spot her out:
You will see her mow over people, pick on them,  and find it funny to make fun of girls and talk bad behind their back. 

It comes down to this:
Don't waste your time trying to get her to like you or do what she says for fear of ridicule or non-acceptance. She’ll never be your cheerleader and that’s ok because she's not supposed to and the sooner you can recognize and accept this, the better off you are. 

PS you will soon find out WHO are your cheerleaders are, not just for a day, but for LIFE!
For now we say👉🏻Bye Felicia

How To Handle Persuaded Penelope

I don’t go out of my way for a Persuaded Penelope, because if she sees me enough she’ll learn to like me on her own without me having to explain why I'm GLAMazing!

BTW it’s not conceited to say this statement, it’s vitally important to recognize yourself as GLAMazing because that is who you are and when you know that GLAMazingness ✨sparkles through your veins, you'll talk, walk, and act differently to yourself and others — you'll have a higher sense of self-worth, because- well it’s easy- you know YOU ARE GLAMazing!

Think about it....🤔
Gucci doesn’t have to scream through its windows at the mall:

Please validate me! Please see me as valuable! Please want me,  I’m Gucci for GLAM sake!"

No, quite the contrary……Gucci stands strong and still, silently saying,

I know me and that “me” is highly valuable and I don’t have to convince anyone because, well it’s, simple- I’M GUCCI and that’s good enough for me.

Watch out 👁 
If you see a potential Persuaded Penelope do these things:
She will always make you feel like you have to explain yourself, she acts arrogant around you, and she acts as if you need her for some social status. She kind of makes you feel like you’re pathetic, when in reality, they’re really the pathetic one.

It comes down to this: people that know WHO they are and HOW valuable they are don’t have to convince others. 
✅No more devaluing yourself by trying to convince others WHO you are and HOW valuable you are.
✅Instead you need to tell yourself, “I’m GLAM GUCCI and that’s good enough for me.”
✅The sooner you can place Persuaded Penelopes in their category with a green checkbox, the better off you are! #IMGLAMGUCCI

How To Handle Sketch Ball Sandra
These are people I do NOT entrust anything personal with and really I do not consider these people someone I even want as a friend. They can turn on you any moment and do something as bad as black mail... it’s happened to me, and I pray you don’t ever have to go through this, because its horrible and can give you the worst anxiety attack EVER.

Watch out if you see them do these things:
✅they talk bad about friends behind their back, they talk demeaning to other people, they act like they’re better than others, and they’re not considerate to your needs or ideas- they’re straight up Narcissists.

It comes down to this: RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!  🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♀️
Stay away from the Sketch Ball Sandras, they’re bad news and always will be. The sooner you can place them in their category with a green ✅checkbox, the better off you are!

WHY Cheerleader Charlie Is Your GLAM Ticket

✅These people will cheer and root for you throughout your entire LIFE! They believe in you and will run with you no matter what without asking any questions!
✅They support you 100% and want to see you SHINE on your stage. They love helping in anyway possible they can.

💗A GLAMazing example of this is my best friend, Lea. We have been besties for 10 years and she has been my #1 cheerleader since day 1!
She was even part of my very first business I started as an Entrepreneur at 24, where I had an online nutrition/fitness business where I helped girls feel and look their best!

✅Together we would support and encourage these girls to push for their health goals through our online support groups and team calls.
✅We have never fought, because there’s just no reason to.
✅We both have that desire to learn together on all levels so we are always learning and sharing together. If we share some structural insight to one another, we trust each other, knowing its always coming from a place of love, and so we never feel the need to get defensive, as that’s only our ego at work- which never serves us!

✅Because of this, we are stronger in our friendship today more than ever and additionally, we are stronger in our faith, our fitness, and our fabulous goals!

How to spot a Charlie Cheerleader:
✅She never acts jealous to you, she celebrates the wins WITH you and when you need it, is a shoulder to cry on in the tough times- as we all have them. 
✅She believes  IN you. She truly want you to SHINE on your stage!

Comes down to this:
✅Birds of the feather flock together, only place your focus and energy on this TOP 25%, they're the ones that will help you soar HIGHER!


Now you have some Spring Cleaning to do in your social closet - find out WHO may be a  Mean Mareeza, Persuaded Penelope, Sketch Ball Sandra in your life and detach yourself from them- they will only dim your light and as a GLAM GIRL we can't afford for that to happen- EVER.

✅Now find WHO are your Charlie  CHEERLEADERS! If you already have a few, which most of us thankfully do, forward them this Sparkle Mail and tell them WHY you are so grateful they are your Charlie Cheerleader in life and HOW they make you SHINE BRIGHTER!

How people lose MILLIONS
Don't do what they did, where they try to devote their time and energy of winning over the 75% that they never will- it's just not worth it! Don’t waste your time or energy on them, because in their eyes something will always be “wrong with you” or something they don’t like.

When it comes to relationships, place ALL your focus and energy only on your TOP 25%, your CHARLIE CHEERLEADERS!

My Mama once told me,

You will come to the point in life where you can count your true friends, your Charlie Cheerleaders,  on one hand.

Today I couldn’t agree with her more, as she is 100% correct. The more time you get, the busier you get, your time becomes more precious, and the less time you have for EVERYONE. 

So having the peace inside of knowing that you only need to place your focus and energy on this TOP 25% gives you crazy amounts of FREEDOM and relief! 

You have only one GLAM life to live.....So spend it with the ones that believe in you and cherish you the most- YOUR CHARLIE CHEERLEADERS!

PS- guess who your first Charlie Cheerleader needs to be…


STAY SPARKLING this week and don’t let your invisible crown fall because you're a GLAM GIRL and that means you SPARKLE:

She is born to shine
Princess with a purpose
Always wearing her invisible crown
Royalty is her identity, respect is her birthright
Kindness is her strength
Leading the way for girls today
Excited to spread the GLAM message