We are a global sisterhood and our mission is to help every girl recognize her ROYAL IDENTITY and that she is NOT defined by what brand she wears, how popular she is, how much she weighs, her accolades, or how many followers, likes, and comments she gets on Instagram.

When a girl knows WHO she is and WHOSE she is, it affects who she dates, her moral standards, what grade she gets, how she takes care of herself, how far she succeeds in her career, and lastly, most importantly, HOW HAPPY she is.

Our logo is a crown because we want to embed that understanding that she IS royalty and that she IS validated already by her Creator, the King of this Universe.

Our mission is to help her grow to her greatness so she can SHINE as the MASTERPIECE she was made to be. We want to give her the mental tools and emotional support, our sisterhood gives, to help her heal and let go of past pain and trauma so we can teach her how to re-frame the way she thinks, speaks, and makes decisions.

We want to help her see that she is here ON PURPOSE and FOR a PURPOSE, that the past does not define her, its DESIGNING her and that she is called to a higher level of LEADERSHIP and INSPIRATION for girls around the globe!

~Stories That Will Inspire The SPARKLE Outta You!

I don't remember life before GGI. But I know that I wasn't in a good atmosphere. I know that with GGI I grew a lot mentally. GGI has helped me overcome: my obstacles have been bad, but with every obstacle, I think about every single bit of experience and knowledge I have, and help another girl. How I am now because of GGI is AMAZING. I'm proud of the leader I am transforming into and can't wait to meet and see all of these girls who are just as inspired as me to encourage and help those who need it.

-Alyssa, South Africa, GLAM Elite

GGI  has helped me become the best version of myself. I've learned to embrace my personality with all my quirks and insecurities. Now I stand proud and tall and always wear my invisible crown.GGI promotes values and qualities that are important to me, such as positivity, empowering other girls and teaching them to have each other's back. GGI taught me not to be ashamed of my story because I can inspire others. I'm proud and honored to be a part of a Global Sisterhood that teaches girls how to become strong, independent, and how to crush their goals to become the best version of themselves.Thanks to GGI I've made new friendships that I truly do believe can last a lifetime. And for that I am forever grateful.

-Monika, Poland, GLAM Girl

GGI has helped me to overcome all troubles I had and I don’t have that feeling of being lonely and overwhelmed anymore. I am so proud of being a part of this amazing sisterhood!

I cannot wait to meet more girls and get to know more about them. As a GGI Elite Leader my life goal is to encourage, inspire and help other girls to be better every day and know their worth!

-Passant Gazouli, Egypt, -GLAM Elite


Here from Rachel, a GLAM Elite graduate, who has completed our leadership training and is now in the exciting, beginning steps to create her own GGI team!



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